Fit and Fabulous in 2015

Spring is here! At least, according to the calendar, it is. For some that means spring cleaning, and for others provides a renewed initiative to get fit after the winter. We all know that staying healthy is an important part of life, but did you know that the Mayo Clinic suggests that people exercise for at least thirty minutes a day? While there are all sorts of options to keep you active, at Playland Skate Center we think that roller skating is one of the best ways to stay active! We’ve got a few reasons to share as to why we think roller skating is so great to get fit and and feel fabulous:Skate for fitness

  • Roller skating is great for cardio!
  • Check out how many calories you burn roller skating using this calculator
  • Easier on your joints than running
  • Great music to skate to

We have tons of opportunities this month for you to join us at Playland Skate Center in Autstin, TX. If you’re looking to SK8 4 Fitness, then join our group on Fridays. Of course you are welcome to any of our other public sessions as well.

We hope to see you out as your skate your way to getting and staying fit and feeling fabulous this year. Check out all of our opportunities to skate on our schedule page and Facebook and Twitter throughout spring and summer!

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