Company Christmas Cheer

Company holiday parties are tricky. You want to host a gathering that everyone will enjoy, but not have too good of a time, if you know what we mean. You don’t want people standing around in misery wishing they didn’t have to be there, or seating at a table for an eight course meal with their arch enemy. Playland Skate Center has 5 rules that you should follow when planning your company holiday party. 

Company Christmas1. Set a Budget

While your company might be scaling back on their extraneous expenses, this doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a great holiday party. Set your budget first then work within it to find the right venue and vendors.

2. Determine Location

When it comes to a successful party, your location can make or break you. You should host the party at a location that is going to add to the fun and atmosphere of the party. Don’t host a huge sit down meal or take your company out on a boat – your guests should have the freedom to come and go as they please.

3. Set Your Guest List

This impacts both your budget and your venue. Take into consideration whether you’ll encourage your employees to bring a +1 or come by themselves.

4. Don’t Interfere

Holiday season is busy for everyone so don’t set your party on a date that is going to interfere with other holiday family gatherings. Hosting your party in January is another option to make sure that your employees will be available to come.

5. Entertain

Make sure that your employees are going to be having fun. Whether its music, the gift exchange, or some other activity, you want your holiday party to be memorable – in a good way!

Take all of these tips and put them together and the obvious solution for your company holiday party is Playland Skate Center. We host both private parties and regular parties where you’ll share the rink with the public. We can help you provide food and paper goods, and we’ve got all of the entertainment that you need! Give us a call to book your company holiday party today!

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