Birthdays on a Budget!

A kids party can become a very expensive occasion when it’s over the top with a bounce houses in the backyard, activities for kids and . There are ways to keep the party idea fun and exciting while making your life a little easier. One idea is to consider having the party at Austin’s premier family entertainment center, Playland Skate Center!

colorful birthday candles burn on blue background

One simple birthday party idea for a successful child’s party is to allow the guests to dress up like characters. You can go with a superhero, Star Trek, or princess theme. Anything that will make the kids excited to be a part of the festivities will work! Add this with some decorations and cake and you’re good to go.

Birthday parties at Playland Skate Center simply can’t be beat! Our indoor play structure will allow  kids to run around and enjoy their time together without much effort on your part.

Whether you are working with a large or a small budget, our birthday party packages simply can’t be beat. The kids will have fun and you will be able to sit back and relax while we do all of the work for the clean up. Call us today if you have any questions or to find out about hosting your holiday party with Playland Skate Center.

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