What are Your Birthday Traditions?

How many candles are on your birthday cake this year? Throughout the United States, the tradition of a birthday cake and candles is fairly common. However, there are a variety of traditions from around the world that we thought it would be fun to share.Birthday Traditions at Playland Skate Center

South of the border, in Mexico, the piñata is a big part of the birthday tradition. The piñata is traditionally made out of paper maché, shaped like an animal, and filled with candy or other goodies. Individuals, often blindfolded, take turns hitting the piñata with a bat or a stick in an effort to break it open for a shower of candy to break forth. Blindfolded children take turns hitting the piñata and attempting to break it open. If this tradition sounds dangerous to you, don’t forget that if you celebrate with a piñata at Playland Skate Center (or anywhere else for that matter) bandanas are not required (it may be safer without).

To the north, in Canada, (the Atlantic side) birthdays are celebrated with the greasing of the nose. The birthday boy or girl is not the one that does the nose greasing. Instead, friends and family members attack the birthday girl of honor with butter or margarine and spread it on their nose. This will supposedly make you too slippery for bad luck to stick, thus you’ll have good luck!

Our family owned, roller skating rink in Austin has always enjoyed including roller skating in the birthday tradition. We are happy to share this tradition with everyone with a variety of fantastic party packages. You can easily book a party online, or call us at 512-452-1901 for more details.

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