Birthday Bash in Less Than a Week!

40th Birthday Bash Roller Skate PartyThe days are counting down, and we are getting excited – our 40th Birthday Bash is coming up in less than a week – 6 days to be exact!! It’s a major stepping stone that Playland Skate Center has been here in Austin, TX for 40 years, bringing you the best in family fun, entertainment, birthday parties, and a great place to skate. Our party on August 1st is not so much for us as it is for you. It is our way to thank you, our loyal customers, for making Playland Skate Center the place that you bring your family when you want a fun evening to spend together and play together. We want to thank you for letting us help you celebrate your family’s birthdays, weddings, engagements, and baby showers, for letting us help you raise money for your boy scout troop, girl scout troop, day care, church group, and schools. It is only with your support that we have made it to our 40th birthday, and we hope to be here for many birthdays to come – both yours and ours!

The celebration is going to last from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm and admission will only be $5 per person, and 100% worth every penny. While you are here helping us celebrate, we will be doing all kinds of giveaways. Some of the great prizes that we have lined up include t-shirts and roller skates. Wouldn’t it be great only pay $5 for your brand new pair of roller skates? We will have lots of roller skate themed games going on, too, such as pin the brake on the skate, bean bag toss, mystery boxes, guess how many games, and there will even be a photo booth for you and your friends to get into to take a snapshot of all the fun you will be having that evening.

To tell you just how BIG this party is going to be, we have invited Рand gotten confirmation of attendance Рseveral TV stations including: YNN, KXAN, and KVUE. That means that when you come to our Birthday Bash, you could be making your debut on Austin, TX local television!

We can’t wait to see you here to help us celebrate and let us thank you for your many years of patronage to Playland Skate Center.

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