Birthday Bash at Playland Skate Center

If you ask us why we think that Playland Skate Center is simply the best place to host a birthday party we could chat all day long! Instead, we’ll try to sum it up in three key points that we think make hosting a birthday party at Playland pretty amazing!Austin Birthday Party


You are not stuck with a party package that will not meet your needs when you book a birthday party or other celebration at Playland Skate Center. We offer small, medium, and large roller skating birthday party packages complete with custom add-on options to meet your specific needs. Check out the variety of choices that we have to offer at our Party Packages page!


Parties at Playland Skate Center are so easy! You’ll be wowed with the fact that you don’t have to clean up your home before or after the party. Ready for the even better? We’ll do the clean up after the party for you!


You won’t have to worry about guests not having enough to do! With roller skating, the soft play center (available as an add-on), skating games such as the hokey pokey, limbo, and races, you’re sure to see a smile on their face!

Book your next birthday party celebration or congratulatory celebration party at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX for one of the best party experiences ever!



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