Become a Pro Roller Skater

hokeypokeyEveryone has got to start somewhere when it comes to roller skating. It’s just like learning anything new – you might fall, trip, get it wrong a few times, but once you get it right, you’ll never be able to forget how much fun it is! Playland Skate Center offers private roller skating lessons at our Austin, TX family fun center so that you can take your roller skating skills to the next level.

Our private roller skating lessons are meant to give you an opportunity to improve your roller skating skills without anyone else watching. You get one hour of one-on-one time with Michael, our very own Mr. Rollerskate, who will teach you everything from the basics of forwards, backwards, and stopping, to more difficult tricks that you can do to show off to your friends. Do you have ambitions to become a figure skater or jam skater? Our private roller skating lessons are a great place to start. Michael  can help you learn the moves that you’ll need to become a competitive skater. 

Our semi-private lessons are for two to six students that spend an hour with Michael. At the cost of $20 per hour, plus the cost of admission, y’all will get to to learn how to roller skate, together! This is a great idea for small parties, bachelorette, or bachelor parties if you want to do something fun, new, and different.

Call us to find out more about our roller skating lesson packages and the times that we have available for your lessons!

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