Back to School, So Learn Something New!

We are celebrating the back to school season at Playland Skate Center with the start of our fall hours and with our Labor Day Skate. We thought it would only be fair to remind everyone in this new season that we value learning new skills! For this reason, we are happy to offer FREE roller skating lessons on Sunday mornings.Skating lessons

Learning Paces

We realize that everyone learns at different paces. We do not expect new roller skaters, young or old, to lace up those roller skates and take off like a pro. Instead, we understand that some of our participants come to us with very beginning skills, some come with basics mastered and want to build upon that, and others come ready to sharpen their turns and form.

Lesson Details

Regardless of your learning goals with roller skating, we will be here at 11am on Sundays just for you! Purchase your admission for our 12-5pm Sunday afternoon session, and you are welcome to join us for a FREE skating lesson from 11am-11:45am. Plan on joining us at 10:50am so that you’re ready to hit the skating floor at 11am.

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