April is a Great Time to Get Fit! No Fooling!

skating fitnessApril is just around the corner. That may mean spring cleaning for you, or it may mean that it is simply time to enjoy the blooms and blossoms. For others, this is the reminder that it is the perfect point in the year to continue on (or start up) those fitness goals. The Mayo Clinic suggests that at least thirty minutes of each day is dedicated to exercise. Let’s do the math…if there are 24 hours in each day, then there are a total of 1,440 minutes. Knowing that there are that many minutes in the day makes exercising only 30 minutes a day look easy, right? Well we think it is even easier when it involves roller skating at Playland Skate Center! In fact, we think that roller skating is one of the best ways to stay active! Here are a few of the reasons we believe that roller skating is one of the best ways get fit:

  • Cardio-You’ll get that heart pumping!
  • Calories-Ever feel like walking or running doesn’t burn enough calories? See how many calories you burn roller skating using this calculator!
  • Joints-Roller skating is much genter on those knees and ankles than running!
  • Beats-Our DJ has got the best tunes playing all of the time!
  • Disco Skate-Just because! Why not skate with the lights and the classic mirrored disco skate that we have at Playland?

Take a look at our calendar for all of the opportunities in which you can join us at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX. And if you’re looking for a group of others that are looking to get fit while skating, check out our Friday SK8 4 Fitness group.

Check out all of our opportunities to skate on our schedule page and Facebook and Twitter throughout spring and summer!

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