America’s Presidents, America’s Past Time

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to host our scheduled Presidents’ Day skating sessions due to the change in school schedules, but we still took a moment of our time to celebrate the great leaders of our nation, and we even found some that have a roller skating addiction themselves!

Here you can see President Carter with some of his “besties” headed out to go roll around the White House ¬†gardens. What better way to enjoy the view of America’s capitol building than on wheels?

Presidents on Roller Skates


Dwight Eisenhower was a lifetime skater. From his earliest days playing football, he just couldn’t bear the thought of removing his beloved roller skates so he figure out how to kick with them on! Throughout his Presidency, Eisenhower was often found rolling through the White House instead of walking.

dwight-eisenhowerThese images are courtesy of Emma. What did you do to celebrate the great leaders of our nation on Monday?

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